My Modules!

Below is the list of modules that you can build for your system. They all come in different format - some of them are Eurorack, some were made for my proprietary formats like Foxystem or CrapRack - but most of them run (or will run successfully anyways) off standard +/-12V bipolar eurorack power.

Before you check out any of those devices, please read the disclaimer & copyright info, and maybe also check out the stuff section for important info if you are a newcome SDIYer. By continuing to any of the device pages, you confirm you've read the disclaimer & copyright info. Please be respectful to mine and others' effort. ♥

The modules are indicated by some letters and a number. The letter is a, so to say, series of devices. They go something like this:

Below are the modules, grouped by their intended functions. Please keep in mind, that it's a modular synthesizer, and it's me who designs stuff, so one thing sometimes can be a whole bunch of different things. For example, a wavefolder can be used to make complex CVs out of triangle LFOs, or a step sequencer can be an audio range frequency divider. So, don't limit yourself to what i said it is, and use it the way you see it! Have fun!

Sound sources

Sound processors

CV generators

CV processors

Mixers, routers, multiplexers

Clocks, gate generators and processors

Sequencers, programmers, controllers

Utilities, other

As a separate block, here are some bad modules that i made. They didn't prove themselves way too effective, or they behave weirdly and may need fixes and additions to their schematics, or just have to be rebuilt. I do not recommend you to build them, but you can take a look at my ideas and, maybe, find something for your ideas to start off from. These are kept here for archival purpose.

Dubious modules

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