Synthfox Custom Stuff

Hi there, welcome to my synthesizer corner!

My name's Aubery 'Astro' Lis, and i love synthesizers. I also like making synthesizers, and run the audiogear microbrand SYNTHFOX. I have been making DIY gear since around 2015, and have made big progress since then! Most of all i like creating original new circuits out of cheap common components, as well as enhancing (destroying) parts of other devices' circuitry or widely-known designs. At this website, you can find some nice synthesizer circuits to build!

You won't find super-beautiful stable VCOs and lush sounding VCFs here. What you definitely WILL find, though, is some experimental circuitry that makes your waves into a funny mess, some logic analog-computing caliber crap, and so on. Everybody is welcome to build, modify and re-document my stuff, but ONLY for personal build (not for sale!). Also include obligatory attribution to me (as Astro, Aubery Lis or SYNTHFOX, preferably also with a link to this website) and everyone else mentioned in credits of whatever you are modding and redocumenting.

Building a synthesizer system is not too hard or expensive, and is a lot of fun! It's a never-ending odyssey into weird interesting sounds and events. Join me and all other Synth DIY people on this trip, and start soldering already - and i hope my little internet place helps you on your way!


Apart from designing and building modules for modular synth systems, i make a lot of other creative stuff as well. Some of my non-modular (or at least non-racked) devices are displayed on the 'other gear' page in a non-chronological and non-standardized format. There is the 'music' corner where i have a bunch of my purely synthesizer-made music: the page contains samplers (quick demos of all songs in the release) and download links. Spotify? Hell no. In the 'stuff' section, you can find a bunch of useful how-to's and info's. I tried making it beginner friendly, even though - as always - i ask y'all to be careful and take care of yourself and your workspace. And yeah, never solder live synthesizers. (more on that in this disclaimer)

Also be sure to check out the abouts and my way more personal and less technical neocities webpage here.

p.s. also, as you might've noticed, this website isn't really mobile-friendly: it won't ever be, cause i am that nerd who is for actual usable computers' usage, + making it so requires a lot of relatively heavy javascript, and this place should have as much plain stuff phylosophy as possible. Sorry!

Peace Love Unity Respect, and synthesizers!