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This is a stash of articles, lists, links, and files that might help you on your synth-building journey. Or just entertain you before sleep. The page and subpages update from time to time, so if you find any typos, or have any questions, you can reach out to me via my e-mail [analogpatch@gmail.com].

Somehow, i ended up teaching synthesis and beginners' DIY at the Estonian Arts Academy. These pages are mostly aimed at students enrolled in the class, but anyone can find interest in checking out the yearbooks and seeing/hearing what wonderfull stuff my students ended up making as their final projects!

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Ah Eurorack, the hip az modular synth standard! With all my hate to 3.5mm connectors and love for bananas, it makes a pretty good platform for quick and dirty SDIY fun having, especially if one has some classic modules to test stuff out with. Here are some guides on how can you improve your Eurorack modular life by SDIY, as well as some Euro-related guides.