My Music

This corner is dedicated to my synthesizer-only music - be it me expressing myself, or just sharing some interesting test logs. I put this music aside from my project Elysian Tunes because it doesn't go together neither with the fictional characters and lore side of it, nor with the main sound vector: it's just me patching the bleep bloop machine. Hope you find something that you like in there!

NOTE: the audio provided in each album block is a sampler, which usually consists of small cutouts of all the tracks from the album. This is just to briefly show what's inside the album. It is NOT the first or highlighted track.

sorrow words

2 recordings of a very particular mood. Both use the same dual DIY digital sound generator module as sound sources, forming the crispy sound. The "words" in the name refers to the data type, not human words.


Thoughts Scribbled Down

A 4-track with personal melodic songs. Pretty simple, but i'm very proud of this little thing anyway. 2 of the tracks are darn anxious and melancholic, 2 are euphoric and peaceful. Everything was made on different gear and using different techniques, too! This music may be enjoyed as a background layer, but it's personal in a way, and i promote paying actual attention to it at least once (this sounds so on brand for ambient/noise music...)


STATION T-16-10 @ 8824133, 2963667

This weird collection of recordings focuses on my ideas about aliens, biotechnological devices, and such. Gear wise, most of these feature 2 of my most favourite modules ever - the Doepfer A-188-2 Tapped BBD and A-110-4 Thru-Zero VCO. The tracks turned out very psychedelic and rather sleepy/mossy, which i feel is very close to what popping up at an alien planet would feel like.


mainframe memories

d̷̠̎͒̇̊ṍ̵̺̭̲̐ ̸̝̦̦̓̂̆͊͠y̴̢̛̭͓̥͗̀͘̕ǫ̸̠̮͌̋̕ṷ̵̣̅̇̌̽ ̸̝͒̒́͛̚r̴̭͛̉e̵̢͖͈̒͌̚m̸͉͙͙̱͑͆̽̈́ẹ̶͐̏̈́̆͠m̶̡͇̦̓̓͠b̸̺̍e̶̗͒̏r̸̛̰̙͖̩̣̔́͘ ̵̪̫̝͊͋͠ĺ̷̡o̶̧̰̣̗̞̽̐͌͐͠v̸̧̢̘̮̍͝͝ȅ̷̩̄?̵̢͇͈̹̐͌̋̋͂ ̵̥͍͔̀̑̑̿d̶̫̖̀o̸̲̻͚̭͂̆͜͠ ̸̳̞̓͌͝y̷̨̻̪̹͒͗͊͋͠ǭ̴̛̹̚͜u̷̮͑́ ̶̛̼̼r̸̦̥̙͙͋̊͗ę̷͎͇̳̉͜͝m̶̨͔̹̠͒̓̋̿ė̴̝m̷̖̳͋͜b̸̢̜̜͈͇̈͑̿̒e̸̗̋̋͑r̷͕͈̘̋͊ͅͅ ̷̡̻̻͙͂̌t̷̨̡̯̫͋͒h̷̡̠͙͚̼͌̀e̴̤̳̠͂ͅ ̷̱̑̐͊̃p̸̥̺̥̙̙̐̀͠ä̸̢͔̌͑̀͑s̶͎̣̗̠͉͒ș̸̰͕̎͘ẁ̶̢̱̺̣̉͌ö̷̫͖̯̰́̆r̶͇̬͇̦̘̔͝ḑ̵̛͈̥̿͊̓?̵̡̡̨̞̊̉̈͋


tale of the Mountain

An album that, unlike most stuff on here, isn't a set of recorded "patches", but 4 songs that i actually played via keys, knobs and other stuff. So, unlike lots of recordings of whatever that are around here, these have a track structure and a well defined message. The album is about going up a mystical snowy mountain and having some weird encounters and discoveries on the way up.


Colorful Places

The main motive of this album is what it says in the name - colors and places! I tried making patches that represent whatever i was feeling at the moment as something that can be defined with a place and a color. So this is what we're left with - seven recordings of the 'set up the path and stare at it while it plays itself' kind, mostly, but the patches are very different and go all the way from deterministic death bucket march to whimsical space sage chitchat, and all inbetween!


Sounds With Less Meaning

My computer broke down for a while! So i once more borrowed the Sony TCM-400DV cassette-corder from the retro games museum i help as a technician at, and decided to fill the other side of the tape i used for Sounds With No Meaning with garbage of similar caliber. This one turned out less 'field recording' and more 'synth tinkering', but i guess it works well with what this site is about at all. Hope you find some fun sounds inside! (no idea what's in the sampler: i just cut out a bunch of random moments from the 45 minute long recroding.)


Processed Noise and High Frequency Oscillations

This album has three soundscapes, each 12 minutes long. They all have white or coloured noise and high frequency triangles and sines as their main sounding elements. I tried exploring pure 'noise tones' and see where can we get with just those, eventually throwing in tiny, radio transmission garbage-like sinewaves on top - just because it felt pleasant. Output is these three recordings of the synth generating things on its own after i patched it up.


Music For Staring At Walls

The main and the coolest thing about this collection of soundscapes is that they are semi-generative and don't change too much, so you can't really remember at what point what happened, making these songs go on for just as long as you want them to go on. Listen for 15 seconds and skip, or put on loop and stare at a wall for 2 hours straight - it's all up to you! The album was made in October/November 2019 in my dorm room in Estonia, using my eurorack synthesizer and the Korg MS-20 mini. Each track is about 15 minutes long and can be looped without drawing too much attention. Below is a sampler with short cutouts from each recording.