Disclaimer and Copyright Notice

Copyright notice

The schematics and boards presented on this website are designed and laid out by me. I never upload something i didn't put my effort and hard work into, but i sometimes upload designs that also directly incorporate others' effort at their base. It may vary from borrowing small bits'n'pieces to making a 'remix' of a complete device; in any case, the people whose ideas i directly base myself off, and what was borrowed, is always mentioned in the respective device's page.

I am pro open-source and pro collective effort! I would be happy if you tweaked and modified my designs as you find fit. Let me know if you do! Since mine and others' effort should be appreciated and mentioned, all the schematics on the website are Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Sharelike, and your versions/tweaks of my designs then shall be, too. As per the official CC webpage:

"This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms."

Terms for units made using my designs:

Terms for design re-publishing:

Tech disclaimer

By looking at articles, devices, schematics and whatnot, that are provided on this site, you confirm (and realise!) that you and ONLY you are responsible for whatever impact they may have on you or your belongings: sorry, but i may not be held responsible for your module built completely by you, even if you were using my circuit design. Improperly built or handled gear can blow up, fry your power supply, fry other modules in your rack, and do much more nasty destruction. I may not be held responsible for your actions: all the responsibility is on you and you only!

This page was initially published in: October 2020.
Last update: 22 December 2023